The Spitzer Orion Survey

  1. Download high resolution version (50 MB) of Paper 1 (Megeath et al. 2012) here.

  1. Download high resolution version of Paper 2 (Megeath et al. 2015) here.

  1. Download table of dusty YSOs (Table 4) here.

  1. Download IDL save file of the entire Spitzer Orion Survey Point Source Catalog here.

  1. Download readme for IDL save file here.


Background image visible image of Orion

Red: CO (1-0) map of Orion from Wilson et al. 2005

Blue: Boundaries of Spitzer Orion Survey

White Star: OB stars from Brown et al. 1994

Green dots: Dusty YSOs identified by Spitzer Orion Survey